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Decision makers and hope givers…

Decision makers and hope givers…

  Greetings to you full to the brim with freedom and hope that emerge from the bottom of tragedy, slavery and annihilation.  When we say annihilation, we mean it. People left alone to face their destiny against a monster that neither knows mercy nor believes in human rights.

An attack by ISIS swept off Mosul city in June 9th 2014, followed by occupying the areas resided by the Christians (Chaldeans, Syriac, Assyrians and Armenians), Izeedies, Shabak, Turkman and Kakees. They practiced all atrocities: killing, kidnapping, raping, deporting and obliging people to convert their faith.

The Christians have been uprooted from the homeland of their ancestors where they lived for 7000 years. Their civilization has been destroyed, churches defiled, religious and cultural heritage destroyed, and honor disgraced.

138000 of the Christians (i.e. 25000 family) were threatened to convert to Islam according to the document issued by ISIS in July 27th 2014 that reads: either Islam or death by sword. Those who were captured or kidnapped suffered from all types of oppression including bodily, psychological, and sexual violence. Children, like Kristina, were transferred to live with the terrorist families and embraced Islam by force. To be noted, a statement (No 127 / Thul-Hijja 1435 H.) had been issued to fix market price of the Christian and Izeedy captives who were considered booty. Three types of booty were available for anyone, except the Turks, Syrians, and Gulf citizens, to buy. The intentional act of targeting the Christians resulted in:

  • Compulsory deportation of 138000 Christians threatened to convert their faith; 250 documented cases of capturing and kidnapping including 28 cases of murdering; 204 cases of enslaving; 203 cases of bodily violence;  3 cases of sexual violence; 234 cases of converting faith by force; So far 169 were delivered, and 62 men and women are still lost. Noting that we lost 1131 martyrs from 2003 until 2014.

The state of affairs after liberation is as follows:

  • Destruction of 83 churches, looting invaluable archeological finds, digging graves, exhuming bodies and stealing some, burning 42% of the houses and destroying or partially burning 58%.
  • Destruction of agricultural and industrial projects. SHLOMO Organization documented 4343 destroyed projects of 420 million dollars value.
  • Looting 100% of the houses and projects, leaving the town’s dead and people hopeless suffering for three years from despair, misery and poverty.

If what happened to the Christians and other co-existing components in Nineveh Plain and Sinjar is compared and adapted to the items of the international convention for preventing genocides, ISIS atrocities amount to be a real genocide. ISIS published documents, slogans, and graffiti on the walls of buildings and churches are evidences for ISIS intentional threatening of the Christians whom it considers atheists.

Today, after the confession of your dignified union that what was committed of crimes by so-called ISIS against Christian, Izadees and other ethic and religious minorities is a genocide according to your respectful decision on March 12th, 2015 in Strasburg.      Our people expect your support to regain their self-confidence and security. Therefore, going back home could only be realized through the following:

  • Ensuring security in Nineveh Plain, which suffers from instability and different security headquarters.
  • Ensuring future political and administrative situation that guarantees people regaining their confidence in their country, co-existing peacefully with other surrounding components, and managing their own areas by themselves. Compensating people for the grave psychological and financial loss that might enable them to rehabilitate and reconstruct their houses, projects, and the infra structure.

    Our people are looking for your support and urged the members of Security Council to support the transforming through it to the (ICC) in order to investigate the violations that was committed in Iraq and Syria by ISIS against Christians, Izadees and the ethnic and religious minorities as it was mentioned in your decision above. To consider what happened to our Christian people (Chaldeans, Syriac, Assyrians, and Armenians) and other minorities a genocide.

Ladies and gentlemen.. Let us give freedom its meaning, the human glory and dignity, and the human rights importance.

Thank you


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