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The Statement by SOD the 4th commemoration of the forced displacement and genocide by Islamic State groups

The proclamation by Shlomo Organization for Documentation the fourth commemoration of the forced displacement and genocide of our people in Mosul and the Nineveh Plain by Islamic State groups in Iraq and Syria (Da’ash):

On 6 August 2014, will remain cohesive  in the memory of our people, Da’ash groups have committed crimes and serious violations of human rights, targeting the citizens of our Iraqi Christian people,(Assyrian Chaldeans and Armenians) by kidnapping and intimidating them and shelling their safe areas and with a clear intention to eliminate them force them To change their religion to Islam, the captivity of women and girls, the abduction of children from mothers and the forced disappearance of tens and hundreds of them. This forced displacement them to left their places, cities and property to settle in camps, especially in the regions of Erbil, Ankawa, Duhok, Zakho, Sulimanya, Kirkuk.

There are still more than fifty of our people citizens are missing and abducted by Da’ash groups, according to the monitored by the organization and also still hundreds of families did not return to their homes for various reasons in the Nineveh plain and Mosul, although hundreds and thousands of families returned after the relevant committees of the churches and international organizations Their houses … still the services are not the required level, such as water, electricity, roads and other services, the tension between the Government of the Kurdistan region and the Government of Baghdad on the administration of the Nineveh Plain the evident appear obviously in the trench dug by Kurdish forces during the presence of Da’ash in the region and until the expulsion, the trench is intended to be a dividing border divides the plain into halves The people of the Nineveh Plain are   dissatisfied, Shlomo Organization demand  to bury it so that the plain will return to its people.

The dispute is also reflected in the closed road between Batnaya, Telkif and Mosul where the people in the Christians and Yazidis areas are disturbed by cross it on a daily basis and forced to cross a road of up to two hours while the cross distance need for a minutes. And all these are rejected and we demand the opening of the road and unacceptable any harm to our people because of these conflicts and others, such as preventing the director of the Alqush area from the exercise of his duties by the Asayish forces, the entry by armed forces from Mosul to the Church Culture center in Barttala and cut off the Internet by force Without judicial permission, the disputes will harm our people between the governments of the Kurdish region and Baghdad and the local government in Mosul, which does not take into account human rights due to such rejected and condemned practices.

At the same time, we are thankful for all the efforts of any side, whether from the Government of Kurdistan, the Government of Mosul or the Government of Baghdad and the international community to create peace and peaceful coexistence and provide unconditional services for the safe the return citizens in the Nineveh Plain and Mosul and to improve their living condition so that everyone will return to normal life without violations and abuses.

Let the commemoration of the Genocide and crimes of displacement is an incentive for all to discard conflicts, especially between the center and the region, and to hold accountable and prosecute the perpetrators of the Islamic States in Iraq and Levant ISIL who caused this disaster for our people to achieve justice and establish peace in Iraq.


Shlomo Organization for Documentation



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